Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Mind to Change - Hypnosis as a Positive Impact


There are so many self-help books on the market that talk about positive thinking, how you think determines your outcome, if you think it can happen it will.  The real message in those titles is that our mind is a powerful tool in driving our motivations and change in our lives.  In our MINDWAYS Smoking Cessation program we use a proven assessment tool to help uncover our client's strengths and underlying motivations.  This is extremely helpful in meeting people where they are in their personal challenges.  With this information we can work with them in a partnership that is focused on achieving their personal goal (smoke-free living).

This article supports the premise of our program by supporting the power of hypnosis in altering perception.  By allowing the brain to accept new messaging related to a personal challenge, new healthy changes can occur because the previous thoughts driving behavior have been replaced.  We are excited to see how many smokers we can help.  

Through our approach of:

- understanding your story
- identifying your strengths
- providing new healthy messaging
- supporting people with ongoing resources

We know we can maximize their quality of life by providing a lasting freedom from dependence through mind empowerment.

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