Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Overcoming Rejection 5 Ways to Open the Door to Your Success

Rejection is a challenge in life that can alter a person's course if not managed effectively. By proactively changing perspectives about rejection people can lessen the discomfort caused by rejection, and take advantage of risks that can be the key to opening the door to their future success.
“Sorry, you're not a fit", "you're just not my type", or "we have a better qualified candidate" are all common statements that many people hear when they're being rejected.  It can be a heart-wrenching experience to be on the receiving end of those conversations by either a prospective employer, potential client, or a love interest, but how we react in those situations can either create the opportunities or the obstacles to success.

Therefore, it's essential that we create a strategy to effectively manage our response to rejection by following these 5 ways to successfully transition through the challenges, and begin “Opening the Door to Our Success".

1.      Expect – If we want to effectively deal with rejection in life we need to understand that it will be a reoccurring theme in every aspect of our lives.  Therefore, we can't live our lives fearful of taking the possible risks that may create opportunities, but instead move confidently forward with making life decisions.  Understanding that life is not made up of just absolutes, but is full of shades of grey that are the drivers for how events unfold.  When we don't allow ourselves to assume that something is supposed to happen we make it easier to prepare for a less than positive outcome.  By expecting to experience rejection as part of life, and proactively preparing our minds for the experience we can more easily embrace the ramifications that occur from the situation.

2.      Embrace - After we accept rejection we can fully embrace the feelings that it might create.  By changing our perspective of the situation we allow ourselves to take a retrospective view of what occurred, and look to improve any attitudes and behaviors that may have contributed to the rejection.  Reminding ourselves that even the most talented successful people in life get rejected should make it easier to handle the rejection experience.  After moving through the emotions, and re framing our thinking then we need to “dust off” and keep moving forward in life.  We can only to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise when we have the emotional intelligence to prepare for chances at success.

3.      Evolve - Just like many other situations in life, rejection provides the prospect for producing personal change and growth.  If we use the occasion to be introspective and analyze our performance, personality, or any other aspect that may have contributed to the rejection.  We produce the likelihood that we’ll deal with rejection in life as a winner.  Therefore, these situations are the learning tools to reconfirm to ourselves that we possess the abilities and talents to be successful.  When we completely evolve we become energized and excited to accept new opportunities that exist in life.

4.      Energized - It takes energy to make things happen, and to create the persona of a confident successful individual.  When we exhibit a self-assured image people feel more comfortable with providing new opportunities for success.  During this phase of the rejection cycle we should be developing new plans and a willingness to go back to "knocking on doors” that will lead to our success.  Only when we have transitioned to a point where we’re energized by our new confidence can we realize or dreams.

5.      Earn - The whole process of rejection is a process of human development that culminates in the ability to go out and earn new chances to succeed.  As you transform your thinking by expecting the reality of rejection, embracing the feeling created, evolve with a new positive perspective, and develop an energized confidence.  You can propel yourself to new opportunities that "Open the door to the Success" that is waiting for you in life.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Repost - Navigating the Waves of Life's Adversity with 4 Actions

Good morning,

Many years ago I was the guy holding up my hand in that boat zooming across the water.  I was part of a Marine boat company as their chosen "squid", "doc", and Navy Corpsman.  As a boat company, we used that luxury liner you see as our mode of transportation from the "haze grey and underway" (ship) to the sandy beach shore.  During these training ops things didn't always go as planned because we encountered bad weather, were plagued by engine issues, or had injuries occur along the way.  The only thing you could control was how you chose to ride out the mission's adversity.  It was crucial to hang on tight or get abrupt splash into the ocean, keep your head up to avoid the boat smacking you in the face with the next large swell, and stay focused when you hit the shore to complete the training required.  Just like those wet tired Marines knew that there were expected and unexpected challenges that may occur, we too have to have that awareness so we can successfully navigate the storms in our lives.

When facing adversity in our lives there are 4 actions we can take to help us make it safely back to that "big grey ship" (better time in our life): 

Absorb the shock - (Manage Your Emotions)  That swell of adversity may be unexpected or you may have seen it coming, but you need to deal with the emotions caused by the experience.  To stay strong and make it through the storm you need to use healthy coping mechanisms like talking to family and friends, writing down your feelings, and staying active.  As you work through the feelings the weight you're bearing will lighten, and you'll have more energy to move forward. 

Keep your head up
-  (Create a Positive Outlook)  You have a much better perspective when you prevent emotions from controlling the situation, so take 30 minutes at the beginning of your day to focus on the good things in your life.  Stand in the mirror and say 5 things you're grateful for to help change your focus.  These sayings are called positive affirmations, and are a powerful tool to change negative thought, improve moods, and gain a new perspective.  Affirmations are present tense positive statements about things you want to achieve.  By saying in the present tense we convince our subconscious of that belief as well.  (ex. - I'm positive and feel excited about today)            

Look at the Shore - Sadly there may some adversity that comes into our lives that makes permanent changes, but even in those situations we can take control by creating a plan to change our circumstances.  Sit down and write out a list of ways you can positively deal with the new challenge.  With a plan, you create direction, hope, and reinforce your positive outlook necessary to take action.

Hold out Your Hand - (Build Empathy for Others)   Life's struggles should not only be opportunities to grow and personally develop our character, but also increase the empathy we feel for others who may be experiencing a similar situation.  By looking to understand and help others, your boat may reach the shore sooner than expected with the energy to jump out and carry on your life's mission.

"Fair Winds, and Following Seas"