Friday, December 5, 2014

4 Steps to Designing Your Own Happiness

 What is the one thing in life that can reroute our lives, determine whether outcomes are positive or negative, and impact how we feel each day?  Many people view their personal happiness as that power, but that type of thinking breeds a helpless feeling that limits the true power we have to change our circumstances.  The truth is that every person has the ability to "Design Their Own Happiness", and can create a lasting foundation for personal success based on 4 easy steps:

1.    Define - The first step is to define your happiness.  What is it that you believe provides you with that sense of accomplishment or feeling of completeness in life that keeps you enthused about living? It seems that for most of us it can be divided into three broad categories:

.   Power - For some people it's the ability to control their own destiny or their path in life.
.   Prestige - For some it's achieving goals that provide position and importance.
.   Purpose - For some it's the ability to affect positive change in the world or your personal life.

Once a person knows what is important they can devise a blueprint to achieve that desired element in life, and implement the action needed to see it become a reality.

2.    Drive - Along with understanding, you need have the means to make it happen.  Therefore, a person must possess the drive to pursue their happiness because nothing happens in life without a concerted effort.  You'll never experience the happiness you desire if you don't:

.   Plan - Create a pathway to your success by making deliberate choices that help you achieve the goals that lead to your happiness.
.   Plunge - Once you decide on your path you have to be willing to jump in wholeheartedly and believe in your abilities and your dream.
.   Persevere - When the drive you had starts to wane you have to figure out how to motivate yourself to keep going and keep your eyes on the symbol of your happiness that is directly related to your passion in life.
3.    Duty - The next piece of achieving your happiness is to engage others, and look for opportunities to positively impact their lives.  No one in life is an island, and we all need each other to feel a sense of completeness and happiness.  Therefore, we to understand we have to have/or do the following:

.   Passion - You need to be energized to do things for others.
.   Promote - You need to look for opportunities to meet other's needs.
.   Payback - You need to dedicate your efforts to achieving results for others. 
4.    Deserve - The final step to designing your happiness is to avoid being your own obstacle.  Often people have convinced themselves they don't deserve happiness, and therefore sabotage their own path to achieving what they want in life.  You need to move forward confidently, and grab the happiness you believe you deserve by making sure to:

.   Permit - yourself to dream about achieving what you truly want without any feelings of guilt.
.   Pay - You need to reward yourself on a regular basis with things that bring a sense of joy to ensure your happiness stays intact.
.   Protect - You need to remain vigilant about protecting your happiness, and don't let others ideas about what they think you need influence your actions or decisions.

When you use this road map, and take the 4 Steps to Designing Your Own Happiness
it won't matter what challenges enter your life because you'll have the inner foundation to push through the hardships with a sense of happiness.  By achieving this level of satisfaction in your life you'll be able to realize your dreams, and live the live you want.  

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