Thursday, January 1, 2015

Grow Where You're Planted - 5 Steps to Making Things Happen in Your Life

Grow where you're planted?  That seems like such a weird concept, but it is truly about realizing that your dreams can occur if you take the steps needed to ensure your success.  Have you ever been to some of the great forests in our nation, or admired a beautiful agricultural exhibit at the state fair, or sipped an expensive wine?  The commonality is that each of these became great because of where they were planted, and also because someone took the time to ensure their growth.  Every person is made for greatness in their own way, but why are there so few that realize those dreams?  Here are 5 steps to follow to make things happen in life, and be a person a greatness in your life.

Your life has a purpose - Be Grateful

Every person on the face of the earth believes in something.  Even those who profess not to have a belief are forced to hold firm to that concept to validate their belief.  The sun rises to give warmth for the day, and the moon shines to light our way at night.  No matter what belief people claim to hold, these occurrences happen each an every day for very specific reasons.  Our lives also have purpose, and understanding that our talents and skills can be the catalyst to create goodness should make us grateful.  With an attitude of gratefulness we're able to look at life with a new perspective that opens doors to new opportunities that results in achieving our dreams and goals.  A good exercise to increase the attitude of gratitude is to create a timeline of events that have occurred in your life.  You may list things like receiving an unexpected gift that created a smile, a new opportunity that fell in your lap, or the good feeling when you were recognized for talents.  These reminders should help to show that there is much to be grateful for in our lives, and inspire us to action.

Things happen for a reason - Be Positive

Have you ever been in a rut in your life, and then unexpectedly things got better?  Maybe it was the car trouble you experienced on the morning of an interview for a new job.  You were driving along when your car starting having problems.  You pulled off to the side of the road distraught about the lost opportunity when along came a Good Samaritan who intervened, and you made it to the appointment that resulted in your new employment.  Or was it the time that you were struggling financially not knowing how you were going to pay the next bill, and when you opened your mailbox that day a friend sent you an unexpected check that provided the ability to meet your needs.
You may not have had these same experiences, but each of us can think to times when the bad turned into good things that happened for us. Remembering your history is vital to believing that you've currently landed is where you were meant to be planted.  Now it's time to grow.

Look for opportunity - Be Willing
We've all heard the saying, "make lemonade out of lemons".  Which is said often when people are confronted with a negative circumstance, and then use that situation to create a positive outcome. When you're planted in a location that you may not see as ideal, look for the opportunity to grow in that spot and make the most out of the situation.  The only way that can occur is when we are willing to look for the opportunity.  What do you have currently in your life that might be an opportunity if you were willing to be open to new possibilities and change?  Only you know, but looking for that option with willingness can create the positive change that could make things happen in your life.

Don't take no for an answer - Be Tenacious

Have you ever been told no?  Have you ever had a door shut in your face either literally or figuratively?  What did you do when this happened?  How you respond in these types of situations affects how things unfold in your life.  Therefore, when you see that door coming quickly at your face just take the time to knock once more.  If you ignore your fears, and stay tenacious in that difficult situations it may result in that yes that leads to achieving the dreams and goals you have for your life.  Remember, the only difference between those who achieve and don't is that brief moment when there is a decision to hold on even when it seems impossible.

You are your own niche - Be Extraordinary

Even identical twin have differences that make them unique from each other.  No one on this planet is an exact replica of you.  That should be great news because you've just been given the market share for a product that can change the world.  In order to make things happen in our lives, we have to believe that we are a unique niche that has market appeal.  When we cultivate this mindset it fosters the confidence we need to be great.  Don't forget about your unique abilities and talents, but use them to differentiate yourself as you become extraordinary in this world.

When we realize the importance of growing where we're planted, than we can become like that great oak tree that is able to weather the storms of life, provide shelter for those in need, and bears fruit that delivers the energy needed for others to grow.  Take time to follow these 5 steps, so you can have a 2015 that generates new opportunities and goodness in your life.

Take care, Dave 

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