Sunday, January 18, 2015

The "Marc" of a True Physician - A Decade of Compassionate Care

Just recently we again experienced the great care of this physician, and the amazing team of individuals who support his efforts.  It was scary knowing she had to have surgery, but comforting to have such a caring and compassionate physician who was able to calm our nerves.  I just wanted to repost this to say thank you for giving my wife such great care, and providing me with peace of mind.  

What is it that sets apart a great physician when you look at those who've been involved in your care?  Is it the board certification, the experience and credibility, or their rate of successful patients treated?  I would imagine for each and every one of us that those are obviously important, and guide our decisions when choosing a physician for our care.

The other amazing gifts a physician can offer is their humanity, compassion, and empathy.  I know this first hand because we as a family have needed that care for the past ten years.  Thankfully we've been the recipient of all these wonderful traits that I've described above in our surgeon.  He has been skillfully taking care of my wife for ten years, and providing the expertise and guidance we've needed to make it through these challenges in our lives.  What makes this amazing man the "Marc" of a True Physician boils down to 4 things as I look back on a decade of care:

  • He speaks to us with respect - We don't have medical degrees or wouldn't ever claim to be as brilliant as this man, but he doesn't treat us any differently.  He takes the time at appointments to carefully speak to us in terms that we can grasp without being demeaning, and with total dignity and respect.
  • He's Transparent with the Truth - When we've had those difficult appointments, and know that things in my wife's condition haven't been progressing well he's been honest.  He doesn't claim to be the answer to every cure, but instead promises that he will always keep our best interest at heart during her treatment.  It has increased our confidence in him because we know that he will always deliver the truth because he's a man of integrity.
  • He's a Patient Teacher - Not only does he speak to us with respect, but he takes the time to ensure we have an understanding and grasp of the challenges we're facing.  He takes the time to go through the labs and the scans to share what each number and term means.  He knows that by increasing our understanding he's helping to reduce our anxiety and fear.

  • He Cares for Us as His Own - Throughout the years when we've been faced with difficult decisions concerning my wife's care, he has said on a number of occasions "This is what I would do for my own family".  Hearing those words creates so much gratefulness and thankfulness in my heart because I know that he is caring for my family that day if they were his own.
This has been a challenging journey, but it has made all the difference to have such an amazing physician at our side.  He has been a blessing in our life even through the struggles.  Being exposed to a physician who speaks to us with respect, is always truthful in every situation, ensures we understand the gravity of our decisions, and promises to care for us like we were his family has made all the difference.  I want to publicly thank Dr. Marc Mayberg for providing a decade of compassionate care for my wife.  I can never repay you for your kindness, the skillful use of your talents, or the empathy you've showed after each surgery when you shared the successful outcomes of my wife's procedures.  You are truly an amazing man and physician.  Thank you.


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