Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Here we go again - Looking to make a difference in my community...

Good morning.  I wanted to share some news with those of you who read this blog concerning some new changes that I'm pursuing.  For the past year I've had the great opportunity to work in a hospital as a nurse care manager, helping patients and families transition back to the community.  During this journey I've had the privilege to work with an amazing group of people that are all focused on positively impacting others lives.  The has been only one drawback.  On numerous occasions patients and families have had to go back into the community without much support, and even less confidence.  These are the people that often come back to visit us, because of both the clinical challenges they're experiencing and lack of self-management skills.  I've tried to help a number of these people after they've left the double doors of the hospital, but it just seems to not work from the hospital.

Therefore, I've decided to move forward with my own efforts to make a difference by offering some services to support these individuals.  I'll be offering the chance for them to talk about their struggles, provide some coaching and insights, develop a tailored plan according to their desires and needs, and connect them with various resources in the community to minimize the disruption in their lives.  I'm wanted to focus my efforts on my local community, but have come to realize after talking to friends and family nationally that these issues have no boundaries.  That is why it will be my goal to not only be open to my own community, but hopefully be a resource to others elsewhere.

If you are having challenges knowing how to help your aging or ill loved one, you need a sounding board, or you could use some guidance then please reach out to me.  Right now I'm offering FREE initial consultations without any obligation for further services.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you or someone you know, please contact me today here on the blog, at, or at (253) 235-3272.  I hope everyone has an amazing day.  Take care.



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