Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reducing Stress with Time Managment Tips

Time, there is only so much in our lives from the day we're born until we pass.  What we do with that time impacts our ability to be happy, spend time with our loved ones, and determines our achievement and success in life.  If you had more time in the day, could you enhance those areas I just listed above?  This morning I'll share some proven methods for improving your time management skills, and share some quotes from famous thinkers to hopefully inspire you as you implement changes to your schedule.

  • Start each day by creating your task list in your calendar  - use whatever system is best for you (outlook, Google, a variety of apps available)

  • Prioritize the list, and set an upstream complete time, so you'll create extra time in your day when you complete things early

  • Use a reminder system, so you stay ahead of the clock - audible is best because it can be the necessary alarm to keep you on track.

  • Re-prioritize your list a complete tasks or new things are added to your schedule

  • When doing a task set a half hour window - during those 30 minutes stay completely focused without any distractions or interruptions - at the end of the 30 minutes take a brief 3 to 5 minute break and then start another cycle - this will allow a more concentrated effort on completion

  • track task time- if you don't know how much time tasks in your schedule require you'll never succeed - once you have a baseline you can try to gain time through creating

  •  Plan for interruptions during your days by scheduling times for calls, meetings, and emails.

  • Learn to say no or be able to successfully and tactfully end an appointment

  • Each week take your schedule and task list, and review it for opportunities to improve efficiency to create more time that can be used for your personal enjoyment and balance - not more work.

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