Saturday, November 15, 2014

10 Steps to Being Healthy in Your Life...

"Happy, Wealthy, and Wise", that doesn't seem like the correct phrase.  That's because historically it started with healthy, but if a person pursues these three characteristics the result should be improved health.  With these distinct differences how can a person accomplish all three?  

 Happy - glad, joyous, satisfied, and please

Wealthy - valuable and large material possess

Wise - having the power of discerning and judging rightly.

(Webster's New American College Dictionary)

 Pursuing a life balance is the key to meeting the needs and responsibilities in life, and becoming "Happy, Wealthy, and Wise".  Here are 10 ways that will lead to achieving this pursuit.

Right - Everyone needs a belief system or a personal mission that provides their purpose for living. Something to to be passionate about that gives directed guidance to their steps in life.

Relationships - Everyone needs to be connected to other people in life that provide mutual feeling of love, friendship, and support.  Without these relationships people can become isolated and lose perspective on life.

Re-frame - This is the ability to manage our thoughts in a way that impacts our perceptions and reactions to the challenges we face in life.  When we function in this manner we have greater control of what happens in our lives.

Repay - In life people should have an outlet to meet the needs of others, and create an attitude of thanks and gratitude.  Studies have shown that utilizing this type of mindset improves health and happiness.

Respect - Each person needs to have a job or career that provides a sense of accomplishment, and uses their talents and gifts to promote positive outcomes.

Risk - If people choose to stay in the same spot in life they become stagnate, so everyone must pursue personal development goals that build character and self reliance.  

Refinement - The desire to keep your body in a healthy condition that allows you to fully participate in life, and creates experiences that create an improved living.

Rest - Getting a good night sleep is imperative for repairing the body, energizing the mind, and providing a consistent stable mood.

Relaxation - An escape from the daily grind of living that provides the opportunity to change schedules, focus on interests and hobbies, and spend time with the people that are important in our lives.

Reward - It's tough to be in a financial bind, and it causes anxiety and stress that can negatively impact health and happiness.  Therefore, people should try to keep an emergency fund that is the conduit to avoid financial devastation.

 As we implement these areas in our lives we can experience happiness because we're joyful that we have another amazing day to be alive, achieve the form of wealth in our lives that will sustain our ability to enjoy life by experiencing more of what life has to offer, and gain wisdom that will provide guidance in making good choices in life that create better outcomes for us and those we love.


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