Thursday, February 26, 2015

Standing Around the Water Cooler with a Smile - Finding Satisfaction at Work...

Work, the one activity that consumes more time in our lives than anything else. Now with the ever-changing retirement requirements it's not uncommon for people to spend half their lives "Standing Around the Water cooler". So how can you keep a smile on your face while holding your water cup? The need to have a positive outlook at work and in life is vital to maintaining both mental and physical health.

Attitudes - Therefore, the first priority in achieving that smile is to be connected with how you look at life. What value do you place on work in your life? Is it a means to purely support your family or does it provide meaning and the vehicle to help you impact the world? Your personal value system is what will determine if you choose to take the next promotion that could result in working during your child's play or make the choice to stay in a position with less responsibility that requires less demands and time in your life. Defining your attitude is the first crucial step to finding satisfaction at work.

Accolades - The next component of maintaining a sense of satisfaction in the workplace is to be rewarded for your efforts. This can occur as a token of appreciation with a thoughtful note from your boss or possible the financial reward of a quarterly bonus. Both examples are delivered with intent show appreciation for your efforts on the company's behalf. If these type of accolades are missing in your workplace it can be challenging to feel appreciated and satisfied. The solution to ensuring this occurs is to have a strong work ethic every day you walk through the door to work, and stay positive about what is occurring in the company. If you behave in this manner you should be noticed for your good work, and receive the benefit of having a job that keeps you smiling at the water cooler.

Associations - Part of being successful and satisfied in the "Office" means you're able to have good interpersonal communication with your co-workers. A large part of how this occurs depends on your willingness to engage others, and show a genuine interest in their well-being. When you behave as a collaborative colleague is reduces the risk of disputes, but doesn't eradicate them from the office. If you want to enjoy your days at work "smiling at the water cooler", look for opportunities to be a thoughtful team player who can say a simple and courteous hi and thank you when appropriate.

Approach - Finally, that last ingredient to being satisfied at work is the mindset you consistently choose to maintain. Just as in life, there will be numerous changes that need to occur in the workplace. How you choose to handle these issues can impact your feeling of satisfaction. If you decide to get on board with leadership choices then you'll create a positive environment for all to enjoy. Then not only will you "be smiling at the water cooler, but so will your co-workers.

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