Thursday, February 5, 2015

6 Steps for Creating a Mindset for Making Money

Being Wealthy has forever been at the center of the history of mankind.  It has been the indicator of a person's value in some culture's, provides the means to care for our life sustaining needs, and can open doors to new experiences and opportunities that enhance our quality of life.  It's what so many people want, but sadly what so few people achieve at a level that changes their circumstances.  That doesn't have to be the story for you, but to become wealthy like many in history you must also possess that same mindset that forged the way to their success and wealth.  Here are "6 Steps" to travel down that same road to your success:

Desire to Have - It’s imperative that you understand why the pursuit of wealth is important to you.  That seems like a crazy thing to say, but there are millions of people that are extremely happy without being rich or wealthy.  Therefore, what is it that wealth provides that is missing in your life?  Control, flexibility, or freedom.  Whatever that may be you have to define that desire to create a clear purpose and vision for your path.

Dream to be Different - Look at the people who have attained wealth in their life.  Most of them knew they possessed gifts and talents that could do something, and developed a dream using their uniqueness as the motivator to change something in the world.  To gain a mindset for achieving wealth you need think like a problem solver.  You need to believe that you can be the answer to improve lives for the better by understanding people’s pain, problems, and passions.

Determined to Know - You have to make every effort to gain knowledge about your dream, and quickly assimilate how or what it will and can impact.  To be wealthy you need to understand all the aspects of money (ways to earn it, ways to spend it, ways to grow it - no tree for that yet, and ways to protect it), and be willing to immerse yourself in the "know" by asking, reading, listening, or viewing anything that will expand your knowledge about wealth.
Design Your Own Plan - In addition to the desire, dream, and determination you need to design a plan for your journey to wealth.  By pro actively thinking about new opportunities and possibilities you can figure out new options that create the process and path for creating a new product that solves a pressing problem, or reconfigure an existing service to deliver it in a better and more efficient way to end users?  Whatever it may be, you have to draft the actions necessary to get you from point A to point.  Without a specific route you won't know where you're going or how to get there.

Dare to Face Your Fears - The road to wealth is not an easy one where you'll encounter challenges and possibly disdain from important people in your life.  You may experience poverty, debt, loss of friendships, changes in health, and lack of support in your quest.  Therefore, you have to remain strong in your resolve, and believe that your desire is important in the tough moments that may occur frequently.  If you read about any well-known people that have achieved wealth you'll quickly discover this is a common theme experienced by those willing to take this journey.

Diligent in Your Mindset - Finally, you must always believe in your mind that you will achieve your desire.  You have to see yourself crossing the finish line or reaching the peak, but understand that's not the end for you.  Achieving wealth should not only be a means to change your destiny, but also serve as a duty to others you deem important in your life. No one can or should tell you what to do with your wealth, but hopefully there is some intrinsic need inside you to share your goodness with this world in some way. 

So step out with courage, and begin to challenge your thoughts about pursuing your dream.  As you refocus your thinking by following these steps, you’ll form a new mindset that creates the pathway to prepare you for achieving the prosperity necessary to change yours and other's lives.

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