Monday, February 16, 2015

A look at personality - a fun quiz

Good Morning,

Recently I was reading an article about whether peoples' personalities match their profession.  It was specific to nursing roles, but really could be expanded to any industry or occupation.  The article referenced a study that was currently being conducted to test the hypothesis, but common sense would say it's true or we'd have an entire population of people miserable and consuming large quantities of anti-depressants.

Here's just a fun little quiz I found that offers you the chance to catagorize your personality into two words.  This isn't any proven scientific method, but just a fun exercise.  Though, when I completed the quiz I was surprised at how accurate it was about me being selflessly caring.  I knew I was amazing, but now it's confirmed.  :)  I'm sure my wife may have a different opinion.  Anyways, start the week out having a little fun.  Actually, the caring piece for me is on the money considering I'm a nurse.  I hope you find it to be somewhat accurate for you.

The point of this whole thing is for each of us to figure out what our "gift" is, and use it to the best of our ability in impacting others in a positive way.  It should be that thing that just comes naturally to you that you also enjoy doing.  Take care, and all the best.


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