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Positive Change - 4 Ways to prepare for a road trip to new opportunities...

Change is the one constant in each of our lives, but it is often a challenge for some rather than others. So, how can people be prepared for change in their lives and work, so they'll take advantage of the unexpected opportunities?  Just like going on a trip to a new destination, people have to see change as the vehicle that creates the possibility to reach that great destination they hope will result in enjoyment and relaxation. 

Choosing a Destination

The first step in taking any trip is choosing where you want to go.  This means that you have to make a conscious decision to plan your trip, and understand that you may have to be flexible on the way if you're going to enjoy the journey.  Just like getting in the car for a long road trip, we don't get moving in life without taking the first step forward.  Therefore, it is imperative to understand without action we won't move out of any dissatisfaction that may be happening in our lives.  We have to be willing to hop in that cramped hot little car, and remember that it's going to lead to better opportunities that are waiting.

It's time for a vacation  

Before many of us make decisions or accept change in our lives we want to know the effects it may cause.  To help start the process of change we need to start planning for our trip, and remember that taking steps forward in life will only occur when we remember why we need change.  Therefore, think about the positive benefits that will result from choosing to change.  Start looking at the map and plan the route you're going to take to lead to that amazing destination.  With a plan you'll be successful because it's like having your GPS that creates certainty and trust because you know it will lead you to your chosen destination.    

Packing your suitcase

These three words cause me to cringe when I think about our family trips.  Not so much for me, but for the other wonderful ladies and co-travelers in my life.  Every time we prepare to take a trip I wince thinking about the long night ahead of me because my hopes of packing the car early quickly comes crashing down.  I soon realize that I'm not the one who's controlling our family's schedule. Over the years I've learned that the element of packing is just part of the process that eventually results in a fun vacation with those I love.  The mindset we choose will determine the enjoyment we experience on our way to better things ahead.

Let's play slug-bug 

A childhood memory that creates nostalgia.  It also reminds me of the numerous long trips on the in the back of the car with my brother getting pounded in the arm as that little German insect of a car went by us on the highway. We laughed through the pain we caused each other because it made the long hours go by quickly, and saved my Dad from being questioned constantly about our destination. In the same way, change in our lives needs to create an element of excitement for people.  It has to be about a new adventure that promises fun, new sights and sounds, and the opportunity to improve as people through the process.  When we finally realize that change is the only way we can invite new possibilities for success into our lives, then we'll be ready to get in that car that's going to speed off to great destinations that will result in new amazing opportunities for our success.

"Success seems to be connected with action.  
Successful people keep moving.  
They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
Conrad Hilton

"Success isn't a path you find, it's a trail you blaze."
Robert Brault

 Art of Nursing 2.0

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